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Accelerate your hardware product development journey and launch products that your customers will love

Hardware product teams need rapid feedback from customers to refine their designs, but they often struggle to get prototypes to customers fast enough or often enough to get meaningful input.
Many teams still try to manage the development process using spreadsheets and documents , resulting in mistakes and delays. Your engineers miss out on valuable customer insights and are forced to make guesses on how the product should be designed. The result is significant rework, a failed launch and a product-market miss.
Accelygen solves the hardware development challenge for start-ups, scale-ups and small businesses by creating a flow through of product data from CAD to purchasing, manufacturing and marketing. This frees your designers up to keep designing while your other teams get the information they need to move ahead with speed and deliver product to customers.
Accelygen allows your team to develop the product in a modular, iterative way meaning different parts of your product can be matured faster or slower to enhance quality and reduce risk.

Streamline your Flow
Minimize the steps and streamline the flow of data between design and build so you get the most out of every prototype iteration with the least effort. Your team will converge on a winning product faster while reducing overall risk
Create Agile Builds
Focus your team's efforts on proving out critical technology and validating key customer needs. Synergy allows you to mature different parts of your product at different rates. You can split your product into modules to reduce your risk and gain the advantage over your slower moving competitors. Your team will gain full visibility of your product design status at the module and part level, allowing them to deliver with confidence
Trust your Single Source of Truth
No more duplication and confusion due to multiple spreadsheets or other sources of data. No more rework or errors due to ambiguous revision control or lack of clarity on design maturity. All of your team working off the same source of product data and heading in the same direction

For Product Managers
  • Validate your Value Proposition

    Get product in customer's hand faster and more frequently to validate with velocity

  • Manage the Product Portfolio

    Access and manage the design status of the product portfolio any time anywhere

  • Explore Pricing Scenarios

    Get clarity on projected costs to drive your product pricing models

For Engineering Leaders
  • Create Flow

    Streamline your team's workflow from design to build so you can get faster feedback on new designs

  • Enhance Quality

    Build quality and a clear "definition of done" into the flow at every step and tune it to the maturity of your product

  • Minimize rework & errors

    Have confidence that your product data is up-to-date and accurate. Get out of the spreadsheet spiral and create a single source of truth for all stakeholders

  • Minimize Product Cost

    Get clarity on the cost of your product early and often with automatic cost estimation and projections

For Designers
  • Regain your Design Focus

    Regain your mojo and maximize your design time. No more being side-tracked by part and supplier admin tasks

  • Sync with your key CAD platforms

    Two-way synchronisation between engineering, purchasing and mechanical or electronics CAD ensures you get up-to-date feedback on your design. Accelygen supports popular CAD packages including Solidworks, Onshape and Altium

  • Streamline Approvals

    Get your designs approved faster than ever before with cloud-based review, notifications and approvals

For Procurement Managers
  • Unify your Purchasing

    Unify your RFQs, quotes and purchases while getting live updates on the design

  • Actively Track Progress

    Track your procurement progress to deliver faster while monitoring your active spend

  • Monitor your Supply

    Benchmark and compare your suppliers and monitor their performance

We are experts in hardware development
  • We have 40+ years combined experience in our core team bringing hardware products to market
  • We've applied lean-agile methodologies to Accelygen that are specifically tailored to the challenges of hardware development
  • The Accelygen platform incorporates the latest thinking from industry and the start-up eco-system
  • We recognize that just providing BOM, vendor and change management is not enough to create a winning product your customers will love
We have deep experience with the challenges of getting hardware products to market
  • We know what it's like to be burnt by hardware loopbacks and unnecessary rework
  • We recognise the frustration of trying to manage complex product developments using Excel or Google sheets
  • We've felt the pain of having multiple sources of the same data, confusion over what the latest revision is, and the challenge of having the wrong parts made
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