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Accelygen creates a smooth flow of product information from your CAD source all the way through to procurement and build of your hardware prototype. Your synced CAD data can be structured into modular BOMs (Bills of Material) to be matured independently based on their risk profile. Each module is released for procurement only if it passes your pre-defined quality benchmarks.
Part procurement can be managed based on make/buy status and fabrication method. Parts can be quoted across multiple suppliers and cost breaks and the platform tracks your progress and metrics against expenditure goals and timelines.
Modular flow through the platform means you release sub-systems or the complete product for evaluation with your stakeholders and customers. This allows for fast feedback without requiring you to have the complete product released. Accelygen handled the coordination and update of everything - modules, parts, designs, suppliers, quotes & orders.
Accelygen implements key Agile and Lean principles for hardware, allowing your team to focus their efforts on proving out critical technology and validating key customer needs as early as possible. This ensures that the chances of rework and delay due to building the wrong thing are minimized. Dealing with loop-backs (as they are called) is one of the most challenging issues with hardware development as they are far more costly than for software.
Accelygen addresses loop-backs by allowing you to build and mature different parts of your product at different rates. You can split your product into sub-modules and focus your efforts on those modules that have critical challenges or significant unknowns around technology or customer needs This helps you reduce your product risk and gain the advantage over your slower moving competitors. Your team will gain full visibility of your product design status at the module and part level, allowing them to deliver with confidence and without letting critical details fall through the cracks.
Accelygen ensures that there is no more duplication and confusion due to multiple spreadsheets or other sources of data. The platform synchronises directly with your CAD designs in Onshape or Solidworks (or via CSV or Google Sheet import for other packages) to ensure that your development process is always using the latest data. Accelygen tracks the latest revision of every part, every assembly and every BOM module from design through to procurement. The result is that there is not ambiguity over which item is the latest revision or where the latest CAD model is. Your team will always be in control and avoid costly rework and delays due to communicating the wrong information to suppliers or manufacturing.
Additionally, Accelygen's design maturity tracking system ensures that any part, assembly or BOM you are releasing for quote, procurement or build is at a sufficient maturity level for the prototype you need to deliver, whether it's a proof-of-concept test-rig all the way to a mature Minimum Lovable Product. At every step you can be assured that all of your team working off the same source of product data, is aligned on what you're creating, and heading in the same direction!
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